LDC is the national leader in 3rd party data validation services. We have more than 19 years of experience and we are proud of record of outstanding service to our partners in the environmental industry.

Data validation is a critical step in the process of assuring that the data you use to make decisions is of known quality. We also prepare data usability summary reports that asses the “usability” of a particular set of data.

At LDC, we are experts in dioxin, PCB congener, radchem and perchlorate validation, in addition to the more routine analyses. We have a large staff of expert chemists, giving us the capacity to handle large complex projects that are delivered in a timely manor.

Our client list includes most of the major consulting firms, plus a host of state, federal and local agencies including: USEPA, USACE, US Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army, and National Guard. We have extensive experience working with USACE Seattle District, Louisville District, Sacramento District, Omaha District, Albuquerque District and many others. Specific references are available on request.

Analytical and field data on environmentally impacted sites are used for many purposes including: compliance with regulatory requirements, determination of the presence, concentration, movement of hazardous substances in the environment, potential effects upon a community, and for the disposal, treatment, or other remedial actions of hazardous materials. In some cases, the data may be used in litigation in defense of a PRP action or final site closure. Therefore data must be of known quality. LDC provides the following services:

Third Party Data Validation

LDC provides third party data validation services under a strict internal and external Quality Assurance program, which will assure the data end user of known and documented quality. With our data validation experience on high profile projects over the past fifteen plus years, LDC has developed well-documented procedures which support all facets of the data review process. This includes critical steps such as:

• Receipt and handling of data packages
• Project tracking
• Peer review for all data validation activities
• Internal training programs
• Internal and external audits
• Electronic data transfer and verification processes

In addition to our expertise, our pricing is value-oriented. Contact Us today for a quote to see just how much you can save by using LDC on your next project requiring data validation.