Laboratory and Electronic Data Tape Audits

LDC has provided laboratory audits for DOD and industrial clients to assure production of quality data from contract analytical laboratories. LDC also has experience and expertise in electronic tape audits, generally required for litigation cases. Laboratory QA/QC audits have been performed under DTSC, Shell Oil, Hewlett Packard, NFESC, Army Corps, NELAP, DoD ELAP and other major programs.

DoD ELAP Program

LDC has staff who have completed the new DoD ELAP Auditor training program. We have extensive experience working with the DoD accreditation program and helping labs prepare for DoD accreditation.

Expert Witness and Litigation Services

LDC has provided litigation support on several high profile environmental contamination projects including data fraud, MtBE, perchlorate, and NDMA.

LDC has provided litigation support to attorneys as a technical expert in several cases. Our experience includes projects relating to:
• Laboratory fraud
• Inaccurate reporting of analytical data
• False claims
• Leaking underground storage tank liability
• Tracing plume contamination
• PCB characterization

LDC's performance as an expert witness or technical support expert, has simplified environmental chemistry and laboratory issues for attorneys. Several references can be provided upon request. Click on Request a Quote to receive more information about our services.