Laboratory Data Consultants, Inc. (LDC) is an experienced commercial, Navy, AFCEE, and Army Corps of Engineers QA subcontractor. LDC's experience as a data validation, data management, quality assurance, litigation support, and software development subcontractor includes projects under the following contracts:

• Shell Oil (formerly Equiva) Laboratory QA Program
• Stringfellow QA/QC Program (Dept of Toxic Substances, California)
• Aerojet QA/QC Program (Aerojet)
• Automated Software Program (Florida DEP)
• Caltrans QA/QC Software Program (Caltrans)
• Navy CLEAN EFA West (Tetra Tech EMI)
• Navy CLEAN Pacific Division (Earth Tech)
• Navy CLEAN Southwest Division (Bechtel National)
• Navy RAC Southwest Division (IT/OHM Remediation)
• Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Ord (Harding Lawson)
• Army Corps of Engineers, Travis AFB (CH2M Hill)
• Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Irwin (ACOE, Sacramento District 8A)
• AFCEE/Army Corps, George AFB (Montgomery Watson)
• AFCEE, McClellan AFB (Jacobs Engineering Group)
• AFCEE, Various bases, Mentor Protegee Program (Montgomery Watson)
• AFCEE, Pease AFB (Bechtel National, Inc.)

Over the past two decades, LDC has served numerous clients in the private sector, federal, state and local government levels. We are very proud of our track record of service and our consistent on-time delivery. We encourage you to contact some of our references below and view a small sampling of some representative projects successfully completed by LDC.

Laboratory Data Consultants, Inc. (LDC) has performed quality assurance services for contaminated sites overseen by the DOE and DOD, EPA Superfund projects overseen by the EPA, Army Corps, Navy, and Air Force projects.

LDC has validated over 1,000,000 analyses for tests such as volatile organics (CLP 0LM01.8, CLP 0LM03.2, EPA Method 8260B, TO-15), semivolatile organics (CLP OLM01.8, CLP 0LM03.2, EPA Method 8270C), organochlorine pesticides/PCBs (CLP 0LM01.8, CLP 0LM03.0, EPA Method 8080/8081/8082), chlorinated herbicides (EPA Method 8150/8151), purgeable halocarbons and aromatics (EPA Method 8010/8020/8021), trace metals (CLP ILM02.1, CLP ILM03.0, CLP ILM04.0, EPA Method 6010/7000), total petroleum hydrocarbons (EPA Method 8015/CDOHS LUFT), explosives, radiochemical constituents, perchlorate, NDMA, and general minerals.

Additionally, several of the projects listed below included the submittal of electronic data deliverables (EDDs) with data qualifiers. LDC has the ability to work with various formats utilizing its ACCESS, ADR, and ADAPT customized programs. LDC's data management and software development staff have supported several clients in managing databases and developing software programs with user friendly interfaces. LDC has provided web based hosted and network based solutions for clients using the EQuIS database platform along other custom platforms.

Laboratory Data Consultants, Inc. (LDC) has met contractual turnaround time and quality requirements on projects completed. The following data validation, software development, and quality assurance projects are representative of our technical capabilities and demonstrate our capacity.