ADR Course Content

This hands‐on workshop will focus on review and management of analytical data provided in either the ADR Electronic Data Deliverable format or the Staged Electronic Data Deliverable (SEDD) format. The workshop is designed for regulators, project managers, project chemists, laboratory staff, and information technology staff.

The first day of the workshop begins with an overview of the data flow process from sample collection to data generation, transmission, review, storage, and utilization. Various software components designed to streamline the data flow process will be discussed during this overview. The morning continues with an introduction to electronic data deliverable formats (including both the ADR and SEDD formats), an overview of the ADR software and hands‐on use of the ADR software to create project libraries (e‐QAPPs). Following lunch, the Contract Compliance Screening (CCS) module of ADR will be used to evaluate laboratory electronic deliverables. The Data Review Module will then be used to perform field QC sample associations, select elements to be reviewed, assign qualifiers using the automated review process, perform a post data review assessment, and manually edit qualifiers.

The second day begins with a short refresher of material covered on the previous day and then focuses on managing and utilizing data in EDMS (or another data management system). The day includes importing and merging reviewed data with field collected data (i.e. geospatial, field parameters, etc.), querying, viewing and exporting data, creating crosstab summary reports of specific data sets, comparing data between a primary lab and a QA lab for “split” samples, creating project QC performance reports, and comparing data to project goals, regulatory levels and historical levels.

Attendees will gain hands‐on experience working with ADR and SEDD data files, checking an electronic data deliverable for compliance with project needs and database needs, performing an automated review of data, building one or more project databases in EDMS, and managing and utilizing the imported data.

The registration fee includes all course materials, access to a computer, daily refreshments, and lunch provided on the first day. Laboratories may wish to attend the first day only since material addressed on the second day is applicable to data reviewers and those using reviewed data.