Our MRSPP Tool (Munitions Response Site Prioritization Protocol) uses site-specific information to assess contamination and explosive hazards due to Military Explosive Compounds (MEC). Developed in 2008 in conjunction with the US Army Corps of Engineers Albuquerque District, the MRSPP tool works with ADR to directly import site-specific test data and populate the MRS ranking forms with the appropriate electronic data. The MRSPP tool completely automates the laborious process of site scoring and ranking.

There are three modules that make up the protocol: the Explosive Hazard Evaluation, the Chemical Weapons Materiel Hazard Evaluation, and the Health Hazard Evaluation.

The MRSPP Tool

• Populates all three Scoring Modules: - Explosive Hazard Evaluation (EHE) Module - Chemical Warfare Materiel Hazard Evaluation(CHE) Module - Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE) Module
• Reflects a background evaluation when available
• Establishes ratios of maximum site analyte concentration to Comparison Value
• Migratory and Receptor Pathway Assessed
• Uses a SEDD Stage 1 input generated by LDC’s Automated Data Review Software (ADR)
• Uses data that has been flagged according to project-specific requirements
• Prints all reports according to 32 CFR, Part 179
• Expedites site priority assessment and eliminates data entry errors
• Internet deployment with real time access to bug fixes and product enhancements MRSPP webinars are not regularly scheduled but can be performed on demand. Click on the link below to request an on-demand free webinar session for you and your colleagues.