Originally developed in 2004 for the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), our versatile audit software is now widely used throughout the environmental industry. This software takes the paper out of the audit process and features many checklists with embedded reference links and allows the user to add as many questions and/or links as they desire. Multiple versions are available including a version specific to field sampling audits (in use currently by The SFWMD).

The states of Maine, Oklahoma, Washington and LA DHH are regulatory agencies currently using the audit software to manage the audit programs for labs in their certification programs. In addition, several labs are using the software to manage their internal audit programs or to prepare for certification audits. Checklists are loaded with the same TNI/NELAC and other checklists that the regulatory agencies use.

The audit software comes with a custom query tool that allows the user to query the database of completed audits for trends in findings and to follow up on all outstanding corrective action requirements. Free webinars are scheduled on a routine basis. Click on the webinar schedule button to see the content and availability of the next session.