The latest update of out PT / Certification Database contains several new features and options including a new TNI/ NELAC decision maker that evaluates the PT performance of laboratories according to TNI standards. By pushing a single button, the PT status of all FOTS for a laboratory’s scope of accreditation can be updated based on the most recent PT data upload. Changes in status are listed as suggestions that can be approved or rejected by the user.

Other new features include a convenient cross tab report listing the PT history for a laboratory over a date range chosen by the user, a fully electronic application template that enables the user to electronically upload the entire scope of accreditation in minutes. Optional Invoicing Module generates invoices for initial and renewal applications.

Our PT is currently used by the OK DEQ, the State of Maine Laboratory Certification program and the Washington State DOE Laboratory Certification Program. Please contact us for specific references. Free webinars are scheduled on a routine basis. Click on the webinar schedule button to see the content and availability of the next session.